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Micro Cuvée "Four Seasons"

Micro Cuvée "Four Seasons"

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A gift for the curious; a natural whisky mixtape for the flavour-searcher in your life. Micro Cuvées are Head Distiller Ned’s moving melodies; single malts layered across various Single Farm Origins and cask types for harmony and complexity. Greater than merely the sum of their parts, these are tunes composed to particular themes, drawing on our unparalleled library of single malt flavours.

In this first-ever Micro Cuvée collection you get Ned’s full ‘Vivaldi’ — inspired by the four seasons, a different Micro Cuvée to fit the mood of each one, from Primavera revelling in the brightness and fragrance of Spring, to dark, moody Lomhar, imbued with the soulful depths of winter. As well as Der Wanderer, drawing on Freidrich’s masterpiece; a broody, evocative, sweet and smokey Micro Cuvée for fellow travellers along the road of natural flavour.

Contents: 5 x 30ml (Primavera, Pique Nique, Feuille Morte, Lómhar, Der Wanderer)

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