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Cuvée Argot

Cuvée Argot

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Argot, a patois, the underground language of bohemians & renegades. An idiom for the underworld, a secret tongue reserved for only those in the know. A vibrant, enthusiastic, devil-may-care cuvée, bringing together several Single Farm Origins layered for beguiling complexity — & with a mere Will o’ the Wisp of Irish peat — Cuvée: Argot is our wild child.

Inspired by Bordeaux’s greatest chateaux, the Cuvée Concept is the apogee of our radical, novel philosophy. By harvesting, distilling and maturing Irish barley farm by farm — each expressing its own distinct terroir-derived flavour profile — an unprecedented flavour library is achieved. By drawing on these building blocks, Head Distiller Ned Gahan can bring them together, layer by layer, to create the ultimate in complexity — where the whole is greater than simply the sum of the parts.

Cuvée: Argot is the exuberant little brother to the distillery’s flagship bottling The Cuvée. Inspired by Bordeaux once again, if The Cuvée is our Grand Vin, Cuvée: Argot is our Second Vin — our second wine — revelling in the same remarkable complexity, ground-breaking distillation & revolutionary transparency & traceability, but with a little less élevage in oak for freshness, vibrancy and drinkability.

Appearance: Light honey yellow with oils that meander down the glass.

Nose: Orange peel, almonds, stewed apple, bread crust, green foliage, mixed berries, fennel, red apple, dry hay, white chocolate, caramel, barnyard.

Taste: White pepper, granola, grapefruit, smoky BBQ, banana milkshake, green apple skin, chewable, dry, bell peppers, vine tomatoes, clove rock, barley sugar.

Finish: Dry pepperiness with barley sugar and gentle warmth.

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