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Terroir Tour

Embark on our terroir tour: an invitation to the curious to discover how we create our terroir-driven, barley-forward, natural whisky.

We’ll welcome you to the Facilitator, the modern marvel that is Waterford Distillery on the banks of the River Suir, and walk you through every step of the way that our purely Irish-grown barley takes on its way to become Waterford Whisky.

Expect every question to be answered with robust transparency. In the glow of our Map of Provenance we'll guide you through the Irish farms that have provided us with over 100 unique flavour sources, as well as unlocking the natural mysteries of organic, biodynamic and heritage barley.

You’ll also see our technological trinity, a one-of-a-kind configuration unique to the distilling world that transforms malted barley into the purest, sweetest wort; learn about all-important cool and long malolactic fermentations to liberate flavours; and our low-and-slow distillation trickling through the spirit safe.

If you're well behaved, we might even let you taste a few of Head Distiller Ned's creations at the end.

Avail of 10% off after your tour has completed in our distillery shop.

For trade bookings/corporate events please email for further details.

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