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Edition 1.1

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The Brownes' imposting 18th Century farmhouse at Broomlands, just north of Monart Spa and south of Castle Ellis Church, overlooks the Urrin river valley west of Enniscorthy in the very south eastern corner of Ireland – with the Atlantic coast to the south and the Irish Sea to the east. Standing on a bedrock of Ordovician shale and mica shifts, the Clonroche soil – clay-rich and moisture retentive – makes a most productive terroir.

In 1855, Broomlands was hailed as ‘a highly productive and beautifully situated farm’ by the Dublin Daily Express. A recent family member was John Browne (d. 2005), who served as a radio officer with the Merchant Navy for seven years and went on to explore the jungles of South America, as well as extensive travels in the Sahara, Egypt, China and India.

The Broomlands editions are made to be available from the distillery itself, either online or direct.

Head Distiller's Observations

Appearance: Apricot colour with legs that roll to the tune of B.B. King's 3 O'Clock Blues.

Nose: Malty biscuits, floral, blood orange, milk chocolate, green grapes, raspberry jam, grapefruit and a hay barn – but not after it's been freshly cut.

Taste: BANG – spice and clove heat but it lingers and mellows as if to wrap you in your comfort blanket.

Finish: Malt and a dryness that goes on. A spice tingle that makes you close your eyes and lick your lips.

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